About Us

Our passion is lashes. Our mission is to provide quality workmanship at an affordable price so our customers can continue to have gorgeous eyes on a regular basis.

At LOVEBEAU, we offer large variety of eyelash extensions including different length, thickness and shape to ensure you achieve the perfect look for your individual eye shape and style you wish for. We use only highest quality lashes and products available on the market. We want them to last and we believe that quality is key.

Upon arriving at LOVEBEAU, our lashtician will help you to discuss the look you wish for. We will tailor something specific to achieve what you want. We will discuss lash type, lash thickness, curl shape, design shape best for your eyes. Beautiful natural look is usually the desired goal for many, and achieving that is different for everyone. Everything from naturally under-stated to extreme glamour is possible - we will do our best to make your wish come true!

Ask our lashtician for more information.